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In today's market, professional networking is vital to the longevity of a business, joint ventures are now a must. Whether your organization specializes in product or service, partnership oppotunities are available. From group PMP certification training for your organization to referral agreements to fill your job order contracts, at MyPMPprep, opporutunity awaits.

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Referral Program

Regardless of the industry, whether construction, engineering, IT, product, Pipeline, Transportation, or Service, the PMP certification is internationally recognized and valued. We understand this trend and therefore we want to provide all the opportunities possible for PMP certification. That's why we believe you should be rewarded for every professional that you refer who registers and completes one of our courses. That's right for every professional you refer who completes one of our PMP certification courses, we'll send you a check for $50.00 USD. How does this work? If you refer a professional who intends to sign up for one of our courses, be sure to tell them to include your name and phone or email address when they register. Once we validate this, within 4 - 6 weeks we'll send you a check for $50.00 USD. It's that simple. Refer someone today!

Company Partners


Providing management consulting and project management services.

Morgan Accords, LLC

Specializing in professional staffing, development and joint venture enterprise.

University Of Phoenix

Fostering an enviornment of professional learning and educational services.